How Virtual Staging Differs From Traditional Staging?

How Virtual Staging Differs From Traditional Staging?

Selling a home is no child’s play. You have to showcase the best views and angles if you want to get the highest price for your property. Earlier, realtors used physical staging to set the rooms and get aesthetically appealing images. Still, now, with the advancement of technology and the availability of advanced tools and techniques, they prefer utilizing virtual staging techniques. 

Virtual staging is a process involving the digital dress-up of the room. From digital furniture to decor, anything can be added using this technique. These virtually staged photographs are later listed on the website for buyers looking for a home online. 

Various factors based on which virtual staging differs from traditional staging include:


One crucial factor that inclines realtors or homeowners to the virtual staging technique is the cost involved. The cost of traditional staging is high in comparison to virtual staging. For traditional staging, you have to rent furniture, accessories, and decor items to showcase the best use of the property and further bear the expenses of the team, whereas virtual staging solves the purpose at a cost-friendly price. You can get similar results by adding digital furniture and decor in the empty spaces and you no longer have to worry about additional expenses concerning manual labor or team management.


In physical staging, you need to bring a team to the property to style the interior and manage them throughout the entire shoot, whereas in virtual staging, you can outsource a service to get the best property shots from the comfort of your own space. There is no hassle of arranging the furniture or decor. So, virtual staging offers great convenience to both realtors and homeowners. 

Number of Shoots/Changes

After physically staging a property and taking photos, there’s a possibility that the images may not meet expectations. A reshoot would cost double the original price. With virtual staging, there are no such limitations. You can make changes to the layout as many times as you want without worrying about the cost.


For physical staging of the property, you have to obtain multiple permissions and then proceed with the task, causing delays in the shoot. Whereas in virtual staging, no such permissions are required, and hence you get the services on time. 

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