Virtual staging services in Chicago and other areas can offer numerous benefits when it comes to selling a home. Here are some of the main advantages of adding virtual staging to a home listing:


Traditional staging can be expensive, as it involves renting furniture and other decor. Virtual staging is a more affordable option as it involves creating a digital representation of a furnished room.

Enhances online listings

With virtual staging, potential buyers can get a better sense of what the home would look like furnished, even if it is currently empty. This can make the listing more attractive and lead to more inquiries and showings.

Attracts more buyers

Virtual staging can make a home more appealing to a wider range of buyers. Different styles of virtual staging can be used to cater to different demographics, such as families, young professionals, or retirees.

Faster turnaround time

Traditional staging can take weeks to complete, whereas virtual staging can be done within 24 hrs. This can be especially useful for homes that need to be sold quickly.


With virtual staging, it’s easy to make changes and adjustments to the furniture and decor. This can be useful if a seller wants to try out different styles or if a potential buyer wants to see what a room would look like with different furniture.

Helps buyers visualize the space

Virtual staging services in Chicago and around areas can help potential buyers better understand the layout and flow of a home. It can also showcase the potential of the space, such as how a small bedroom could be used as a home office or nursery.

Overall, virtual staging services can be a cost-effective and flexible way to enhance a home listing and attract more buyers. We at Top Estates Media provide virtual staging, virtual twilight services,  aerial drone photos, and videos, and matter port 3d tours in and around Schaumburg, IL. Contact us today for the shoot.